Energy Gels – Box of 12 gels, 27g carbs – Xendurance


Energy Gels deliver the body with 27g of Carbohydrate designed to promote fast and immediate energy in an easy to open and swallow sachet.

Each 70g gel provides:

✅ 27.7g of carbohydrate

✅ Tested by Informed-Sport

✅ 1500 mg amount of lactate

✅ Caffeine free

✅ Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

✅ Clean light flavour for extended training


What is the recommended way to take Energy Gels? – Energy Gels are not just for runners! Energy Gels are designed specifically for long distance sports performance. The smooth texture and light flavor allows for easy consumption and absorption in the body. Take one (1) gel pack every 30-60 minutes during exercise or take one (1) gel pack as needed for an energy boost in your daily life.

The blend of two carbohydrates – maltodextrin & fructose, along with calcium lactate, provide for a premium energy solution. The easy to open tab allows for quick and easy consumption no matter where you are or what activity you are undertaking. Energy Gels provide immediate and long lasting fuel for the athlete in all of us.

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